The Highest Standards in Quality Control

From mold design to product delivery, Blow Molded Products strives to surpass customer expectations for the past 22 years
New Application

Once a mold is ready for initial testing, we start with T1 testing by providing the customer with a sufficient amount of finished product for inspection. Once T1 testing is complete and customer has given feedback, any necessary changes are made for T2 testing to comply with all customer requirements. When customer is satisfied and approval is given, a product quality control form is created with all product specifications and we move to production.

Clean Room Applications

For specialized product requirements in industries such as the medical field or the military a positive pressure portable clean room can be moved in line with production machines. This will avoid any contamination for the entire production through packaging.

Documentation and Review

All procedures for production and quality control are fully documented for review and assure correction of any improvements needed.