Custom Plastic Carrying Cases

Plastic Carrying Cases

With a high attention to quality detail from start to finish, Blow Molded Products is able to help you construct the perfect product to your exact specifications and control of quality. Our state of the art facility has established national reputation for high quality and reliable production. As our company designs and manufactures our tooling in-house, we ensure the integrity of our production from beginning to end. From injection molded, vacuum molded to blow molded, we fill find a process that fits your product and company needs. Our molded plastic carrying cases are airtight, water resistant, crushproof, dust-proof and may meet or exceed ATA and military specifications.

It is obvious when you order a carrying case that has been manufactured by Blow Molded Products. Instantly, you will be able to see the quality and attention to detail from the design state to the finished product. Many of our plastic carrying cases have smoother edges and easy opening and closing compared to some of the products offered by our competitors. Our unique 180 degree opening feature allows our carrying cases to open and close without a hitch. We also specialize in manufacturing plastic carrying cases that have irregular parting lines and other unhinge design features.

All of Blow Molded Product’s plastic carrying cases are durable, attractive looking, functional, versatile, recyclable and most of all affordable. We manufacture our plastic carrying cases with high density polyethylene plastic that features double wall construction, which has proven to be ultra-durable for unbeatable product protection. In addition, our carrying cases are lightweight, compact, rust-free, and chemical resistant. Not only will a Blow Molded Product case add value to your product, but it will ensure a high quality product identity with a price point that cannot be beat.

We offer a multitude of plastic carrying cases that will be sure to impress. For immediate delivery, Blow Molded Products offers stock cases with no minimum order required. Our stock case line comes in standard black, with custom colors available, with blank recess label inserts, open interior design, unbreakable latches, mechanical hinges, grain or smooth textures and a compartment for foam inserts that could be inserted. Our other line of products includes the semi-custom plastic carrying case design. Blow Molded Products will design and build mold cores that will utilize our existing mold exteriors that will speed up the processing of your products to ensure a speedy manufacturing time. Our low cost option allows our customer to mold interior that fit many of their component whiles offering superior product protection, attractive display and increased space efficiency. Semi-custom plastic carrying allow our customer a variety of options which allows for customizability such as custom colors, engraved logos, removable lids, stacking features, integral handles, literature slots, windows and snap fits. Our final line of plastic carrying cases is the complete custom line. The Blow Molded Product custom plastic carrying case offers custom packaging and maximum product features which is Blow Molded Product’s specialty. We stock a team of engineering experts that will design your custom plastic carrying cases that will fit your exact specifications and needs. Our design latitude will ensure that we meet your product specifications while offering existing and unique styling and performance. If you’re seeking to establish total product identity, the fully custom plastic carrying case by Blow Molded Products is the line for you.

Our experienced engineers are highly qualified and trained to help design your next industrial quality case application. Blow Molded Products seek to meet customer specifications and ensure efficient processing and turn over time. Our plastic carrying cases will ensure quality at an unbeatable low unit price. Blow Molded Products also utilizes the state of the art computer assisted design programs to construct your plastic carrying case as well as mold and fixture key aspect designs for your product. Throughout the years we’ve been able to develop and implement several types of pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical devices to help mold custom designs and construct unique characteristics for your plastic carrying case. Since we leverage our three shift molding capabilities, we are able to move forward with our projects at maximum efficiency while reducing lead time so that you can receive the highest quality product as soon as possible. With our single and multi-head machines, three shift production capability, statistical process and quality control, prototypes with large and short run capabilities, multiple resin processes, full range of PMS colors, and quick response times to quotes, drawings, molds and just in time production, it’s a clear reason why Blow Molded Products is a step above the rest.