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Injection Blow Molding

What is Injection Blow Molding?

Injection blow molding (IBM) is a type of blow molding process that is a popular method for making things such as shampoo bottles, milk jugs, and other thin plastic products.  The injection blow molding process allows for more precise details which makes it the preferred method for making custom plastic bottles with screw-on tops. 

Benefits of Injection Blow Molding

One of the main benefits of using the injection blow molding process, compared to other methods, is the lack of leftover scrap & waste.

Using the IBM method also provides greater detail in the final product.  There is uniform wall thickness, exact neck dimensions, and nearly no visible parting lines.

The accuracy excellence also allows for plug inserts for squeeze bottles.

injection blow molding

Injection Blow Molding Process

The process of injection blow molding is fairly simple.

  • Step 1 is to inject plastic into a mold to form a plastic tube
  • Step 2 the plastic tube is blown into the cavity mold to form the hollow part of the product
  • Step 3 after the newly formed, hollow plastic has cooled it is ejected from the mold 

The simplicity of the process allows for rapid production in most cases.  Adjustments can be made to increase the thickness of certain parts such as the base of the product.  The only major downside of injection blow molding is that hollow handle ware on the product can not be made.

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