Industrial Blow Molding

Industrial Blow Molding

As one of the leaders in the industry in blow molding, Blow Molded Products pays the utmost attention to quality and detail from start to finish. We specialize in industrial blow molding as well as custom designed products.

In the earlier days of industrial blow molding, there had been quite a few obstacles to overcome as there had to be certain requirements that needed to be met. Material and color changeover times often spread from 8 hour to several days depending on the color and the material required for the project. Poorly designed heads often led to machine downtime and many maintenance repairs that needed to performed at regular six month intervals that led to weeks of downtime. Many long periods of downtown were due to waiting for service technicians to help service the machines. Very basic manuals, schematics and sequence of operations were often outdated and did not pertain to newer machines that were being put in place, as the older machines were semi-automatic and relied on an operator that led to an unpredictable control of cycle times.

Mold replacement and changes took a minimum of a full day or two that often included changing head tooling. Set up changes from products were common, and thus led to issues due to having to adjust the machines frequently. Cycle times also varied due to the parison drop time, press closing time, blow time, exhaust time, decompression time, clamp opening, gate opening, manual part removal, gate closing and clamp moving to pre-close positions.

However, in the current industrial blow molding processes that Blow Molded Products has employed has been highly more efficient in terms of costs and time. Our current head technologies allow for color changes in as little as 20 minutes to about one and a half hours for the most difficult changeovers. Our heads also require less maintenance and have run more efficiently. A properly designed head will eliminate any potential galling form metal to metal rubbing on the moving internal sections of the flow paths of plastic materials. Our newer designed heads on the market allow for disassembly, cleaning, assembly to change colors or materials with an hour’s time. Blow Molded Products also takes the required time to properly set up the equipment that ensures that it will be running as efficiently as possible to produce the highest quality products. Our state of the art machines are tuned to run on automation to give a more consistent cycle time. In addition, our molds are innovated with quick change connections for water, air, and hydraulic components. The processors used in our facility are able to make complete mold change overs in a fraction of the time.

As the industry leader in blow molding, let Blow Molded Products’ experienced engineers design your next industrial or case application for your business. Customer specifications are one of our highest priorities that we always tailor to your exact requirements while ensuring process-ability. Our engineers utilize the state of the art, computer assisted design programs (CAD) for product manufacturing, mold and fixture designs. Our many years of experience in the mold making industry make our company highly competitive in the industrial blow molding segment.

Throughout our years of operation we have developed and implemented several types of pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical devices that will help mold even the most rigid materials to the exact form and specifications. Since our 3 shift mold making capabilities allow our projects to proceed with the shortest lead times and maximum efficiency, we are able to extend the savings to you. We offer custom designed industrial blow molding equipment to meet your specific needs that features custom accumulator head blow molding systems which feature closed loop hydraulic and electronic controls as well as the industry leading screw design to process polyolefins and engineered thermoplastics. Blow Molded Products leverages OEM quality controls upgrades, ANSI safety compliance, head reconditioning, clamp rebuilds, and replacement screws and barrels in order to run as efficiently as possible. We are proud to do numerous online and offline, secondary and assembly operations as part of our commitment to you; ensuring that your final product will be ready to go before it leaves our site. Our industrial blow molding technology with maximize efficiency and productivity, cycle-to-cycle precision and on point parison control. Blow Molded Products offers customer products for short or long term projects and custom products are easily accommodated, as well as tough products with double walls and irregular parting lines. No job is too big or too small for Blow Molded Products and we have a history of manufacturing and making parts that other companies will not even attempt.