Our Football Chest for Storage & Decoration

The Universal Football Chest
Truly a versatile utility chest
  • As a decorative Ice Chest, the Football Chest may be used as poolside container.
  • OR–bring it along when tailgating before a game! The double wall lid creates superior insulation.
  • A versatile, rugged, and durable utility chest with any number of uses. Use your imagination!
  • An adorable Toy Box that’s a fun and functional way to store children’s toys while keeping them out of sight!
  • The Snap on Lid makes this unique utility container a perfect way to store your pet’s food and keep it fresh.
  • Water and Dirt resistant, the Football Chest doubles as a clothes hamper. Molded in handles make for easy carrying to the laundry room.
With built in features such as:
  • Rugged HDPE Construction
  • Snap on Lid
  • Realistic Football Finish and Texture
  • Molded in Handle on each side
  • Routed Base for Maximum Storage
  • Double Wall Lid for Superior Insulation
  • Water & Dirt Resistant Finish


This unique utility container is guaranteed to be a profit maker for any store. Please contact us for pricing and delivery details.