machine to make plastic molds

FAQs About Blow Molding

How are blow molds made?

In blow molding, thermoplastic materials are pressed into hollow products. As part of the process, a plastic tube known as a parison or preform is heated and inflated. Two dies are used to shape the product and place the parison between them. The tubes are then expanded with air, causing the walls to thin and conform to the mold’s shape. As soon as the blowing process is completed, the product is cooled, ejected, trimmed, and prepared for further processing.

What are the three main types of blow molding? 

What is an example of blow molding?

Household Items 

Plastic bottles, detergent containers, laundry bottles, liquid soap bottles, lotion bottles can be produced by blow molding machines. In households, most blow molding products are made of PC, PET, PP, or HDPE.