Custom Plastic Bottle Molding

Custom Plastic Bottles Manufacturer

For one-stop turnkey operations and everything for custom molded plastic bottles under one roof, Blow Molded Products is the preferred choice. As the industry leader specializing in custom, single and double wall industrial blow molding, Blow Molded Products is capable of turning your blueprint into high quality, durable products. Our state of the art facility is equipped with engineering services that features computer assisted design (CAD) and complete mold making capabilities (CAM). Our flexible product choices also offer custom short or long run projects. We require meticulous attention to quality detail from beginning to end. You won’t have to use a variety of vendors for your different product lines as Blow Molded Products is capable of manufacturing everything in house in the quickest turnaround time without sacrificing high quality products and exceptional customer service. We seek to be your preferred vendor for custom plastic bottle manufacturing with products that will be sure to amaze at economical prices.

Blow Molded Product’s diverse equipment allows us to blow mold containers from 35 gallons to merely just a few ounces with a variety of neck finishes for your custom plastic bottles. One of our many specialties focuses on molding custom bottles but we also offer stock size bottles as well. We can work with existing molds that you may have or if you have a concept design in mind, Blow Molded Products will be able to ensure the delivery of your finished product. We feature an extensive line of equipment which enables us to manufacture a variety of bottles and containers for medical, consumer, and industrial applications. Our company also has single and multi-cavity mold capabilities that will be able meet and exceed your product’s needs. Many of our most popular resin materials include HDPE, LDPE, P.P., P.S., K-Resin, Petg. If your business application requires hundreds of bottles or hundreds of thousands of bottles, Blow Molded Products will be able to handle the job.

Our custom manufactured plastic bottles usually retain its natural resin colors. Some certain visual characteristics can range from opaque, translucent, or crystal clear depending on your specific needs. We also offer custom plastic colors in a variety of translucent pigments or transparent tints. In special custom orders, special effects such as pearl additives or metallic resins are also options to distinguish your custom plastic bottle. Many of our plastic bottles are very light weight and can be molded with exceptionally thin walls. It is important to remember that all of our custom plastic bottles are molded at weights that are calculated to offer superb reliability and practicality. If you require a thicker, more durable plastic bottle, Blow Molded Products is able to offer different options that will meet your product’s needed specifications. One of our most commonly used plastic resins used for custom plastic blow molded bottles include high density polyethylene (HDPE) for our extrusion blown plastic bottles. This is one of our most popular materials used due to its economical design, resistance to impact, and offers an excellent moisture barrier that is chemically resistant to many different types of acids and caustics. High density polyethylene (HDPE) is most commonly used in FDA approved food grade products and preferred by many companies due to its rigid chemical properties and economical design.

With our optimized industrial blow molding technology, we are able to offer maximum efficiency and productivity, cycle-to-cycle precision control and precise parison control. Blow Molded Products not only offers customer products and solutions in the short term and long term, we also offer custom products that we can accommodate to your exact specifications as no job is too large or too small for our company. We have a strong history of manufacturing custom plastic bottles that other companies have deemed too costly to make. Our company will customize the plastic bottles to your liking and will ensure the utmost quality and attention to detail before your product is completed. We employ the highest skilled engineering experts that are ready to meet your custom plastic bottle manufacturing needs and we pride ourselves on delivering superb value at the most economical prices in the industry. Our state of the art facility consists of single and multi-head machines, three shift production capabilities, statistical processing and quality controls, prototypes that are able to process large and short run capabilities, multiple plastic resin processes, complete range of PMS colors, and quick response times to requests, quotes, drawings and molds; it’s clear why Blow Molded Products is the industry leader in manufacturing custom plastic bottles.