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Custom Blow Molded Plastic Containers

Blow Molded Products’ diverse equipment allows us to blow mold containers from 35 gallons to just a few ounces. If you have existing molds and are looking for a more reliable supplier, or have a concept you need to bring to market, our team can handle the job.

Blow molded containers: no job is too big!

We are fully equipped to run custom plastic containers for a variety of medical, consumer, and industrial applications. Blow Molded Products has single and multi-cavity mold capabilities to meet all your products’ needs. Choose from numerous types of resins such as HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, K-Resin, and PETG, just to name a few. If your application requires hundreds of containers, or hundreds of thousands, consider Blow Molded Products. We guarantee complete satisfaction and look forward to learning more about your needs!

Assortment of custom plastic containers

Custom plastic container specifications

  • Size: from just a few ounces up to 35 gallons
  • Resins: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, K-Resin, PETG, and more
  • Industries: medical, electronics, automotive, sporting goods, recreational, industrial, and more
  • Project size: from just a few containers to thousands

Looking for blow molded bottles

Blow Molded Products is a one-stop, turnkey custom plastic bottle manufacturer. As an industry leader specializing in custom, single, and double wall industrial blow molding, Blow Molded Products is capable of turning your blueprint into high-quality, durable containers and bottles.

High-quality blow molded containers, made in California

We customize plastic containers to your liking and ensure the utmost quality and attention to detail. Our engineering experts are ready to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in delivering superb value at the most affordable prices in the blow molding industry.

Contact Blow Molded Products today for your custom plastic container needs. Call (951) 360-6055 and our team will work with you to make it happen!

Custom plastic bottles