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Custom Blow Molding in Southern California

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Blow Molded Products is an industry-leading custom molding company based in Riverside, California. We’ve been producing high-quality plastic products for nearly 30 years, but what makes us different from our competitors? We are a one-stop shop, providing custom mold design, manufacturing, or if you need to produce hundreds of thousands of stock-sized bottles or blow-molded cases as soon as possible, Blow Molded Products can help. We prioritize start-to-finish quality, and our engineers handle everything in-house.

Plastic molding that meets California standards

Blow Molded Products has been based right here in southern California since we opened up shop in 1996. We know California regulations like the back of our hands, so whether you’re based in California or ordering from anywhere else, you can rest assured that we’re handling your job right.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are capable of single and double-wall industrial blow molding, custom engineering and design, and offer a diverse product line to choose from for short or long production runs of numerous plastic products.

We run parts from a micro size to a 50 lb part and all sizes in between!

Where to find Blow Molded Products in California

4720 Felspar Street
Riverside, CA 92509-3068

Get your project started today

With our wide range of available resins (HDPE, LDPE, PETG, and more), CAD-designed custom molds, and ability to produce short or long runs of your products, we can handle just about any blow-molded plastic job you have!

To get started, email us at, call (951) 360-6055, or fill out our inquiry form below.