Your one Stop Shop for Custom Blow Molding and Carrying Cases

We are proud to announce our new 19x14x4.75 case to the family. Call today for pricing and availability.


5 Reasons You Should Use Blow Molded Products:

    1. One-Stop Turnkey Operation-Everything under one roof
    2. Custom, single & double wall industrial blow molding
    3. Engineering Services- product & mold design (CAD)
    4. Complete mold making capabilities (CAM)
    5. Flexible product choices–Custom short or long runs are our specialty


It’s no secret that Blow Molded Products has long been the industry leader in blow molding those products that require a high attention to quality detail from start to finish.

Now you don’t have to use a variety of vendors for your different product lines. Whether it is a stock–or custom–Carrying Case or a custom-designed product, Blow Molded Products team of highly skilled experts is ready to meet all your blow molding needs—at a price you can afford.

Located in state-of-the-art facilities in Riverside, CA, Blow Molded Products has established a national reputation for high quality, dependable production. Blow Molded Products designs and manufactures their tooling in-house, ensuring integrity of production from start to finish.

There’s just one conclusion: Blow Molded Products is the obvious choice for all your Blow Molding needs!